What is the purpose of Veeam Application Groups

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What is the purpose of Application Groups (looking more in depth than the user guide) in relation to sure backups.  Is this a must configure?  What happens if it's not and what VMs are required to make it useful?

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Brad HoweConnect With a Mentor DevOps ManagerCommented:
They are 2 different features but need each other.

SureBackup is simply Backup Verification.  It allows you to start VMs directly from VM backups in a fenced-off environment and perform backup reliability and availability testing as a routine part of the backup process.  It is however hardware costly as surebackup is essentially booting your platform in a restricted fence.

App Groups are simply grouping for your Virtual machines.

How they work together is as such.

App Groups is used for priority booting and testing. These Roles are used to allow you to provide BASE testing scripts you can use to standard your tests when booting a VM. For Example, if you create a Domain Server Classificaiton, it could check that the Domain is available, DNS is resolving and internet is accessible.

Next is the boot priority - which is from top to bottom.

Is it a must configure - Nope.
What happens if it is not - Nothing. You do get to verify your VMs.
What VMs are required. None. It is a feature you decide to use.

Any other questions, let us know.
bergquistcompanyAuthor Commented:
Excellend details
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