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Apple iBooks & PDFs

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Last Modified: 2015-05-20
Dear Experts - I need your help.

For those familiar with iOS and iBooks, there is a feature called 'Define' which appears when you tap on a word in iBooks. It draws on a built-in dictionary to define the word you selected.

This feature works great for me when looking at a BOOK, but when viewing a PDF in iBooks the feature is not there. In fact you can't even tap to highlight words on the PDF in iBooks.

I've tried all sorts of things (different PDFs with different permissions and different iPhones and iPads) and I suspect that the 'Define' feature is not available for PDFs in iBooks except that I can't find any literature about this on the web one way or the other. Maybe there's a special setting that needs to be made on the PDF in Acrobat in advance of loading it into the iPad??

Any ideas anyone??

Many thanks.
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This feature is not available in PDF'S.  You cannot highlight or define or underline. If you tap the top center of the PDF you will see what is available.  You can bookmark, brighten, search for certain words within the document. If you do this it the give tu the option to find those words on Wikipedia or the web.  
iBooks has some features orther ereaders do not such as the highlighting.
Hope this helps.


Thanks for your response. I think you're right. I even tried setting the Language to English in the Reading Options and running a full check under accessibility to no avail.

Too bad. It would be a great option to have when reviewing PDFs.
I agree. I read both ePub's and PDF's. I use the define and highlight feature and wish it worked for PDF's

There are other apps that will allow you to annotate PDFs, of course... I'd try some of them.

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