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How to format footer properly?

Peter Kwan
Peter Kwan asked
Hi all,

I have a Word document created in Word 2010 that has several sections, in which some sections are in portrait and others are landscape. I tried to format the footer properly such that the "Version xxx" is aligned at the lower left of the page and "Page xxx" is aligned at the lower right of the page regardless the orientation of the section, but in vain.

Sample document is attached to demonstrate the problem. May I seek your help on how to solve? Thank you.
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in each section with a different page orientation, you need to unlink the header/footer from the previous section, so that you can set margins and tab stops for the respective page orientation.

In an existing document, it is easiest to work from the end of the document towards the top. Select the footer and on the ribbon use the button labelled "Link to Previous" to toggle linking.

See attached.

cheers, teylyn
Peter KwanAnalyst Programmer


Thanks a lot. It works great.

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