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MIT License

sanagarwl asked
I'm using binaries as - is in a project and these binaries are licensed under MIT license. These binaries are for the PDFSharp software.

I'm a little unsure about what license information I need to include with the software where I am using this PDFSharp binaries.

Does any one else have experience using open source software and how does one include license information?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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IT Security Analyst Senior
Usually there is a Preamble that needs to be included and should be spelled out on the MIT Software license home page..  Same with GNU or Freesoftware Foundation, etc.




one of my functions uses the pdfsharp.dll to output pdf document. So, if I say the following at the beginning of my source code file where this routine resides then would I be in compliance.

This module uses pdfsharp which is licensed under MIT license and the full text of the license can be found here: http://www.pdfsharp.net/PDFsharp_License.ashx

thanks for the help Kent. Just wanted to know what other software professionals do when they use open source software licensed under MIT license.

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