Script to send webpage as Email to a user on a schedule

Hi Guys,

I am after a simple script (must be capable of running on Windows) batch or VBs.
I have been asked by the boss to send this webpage to him everyday as an email attachment (or embedded HTML), so he can refer to it for later use.

Note, that I do not just want to send the link to the webpage but the actual webpage itself.

I am going to be using schedule tasks in Windows to schedule it.

If you know how to do this I would really appreciate.

I am familar with BLAT but not sure how I can achieve this with BLAT, but if you know then great!!
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Bill PrewCommented:
Get yourself a copy of WGET at the link below and set it up to pull the page you want daily, either emailing with BLAT or saving with a date time stamp.

Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
It depends on the web page.  There many pages these days that will not work in an email.  What is the page?
manav08Author Commented:
Hi Geoff,

I know for sure that sending webpage as email attachment works for this webpage as we have tried it using a linux system, but we do not want to use Linux anymore.

Webpage is:
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manav08Author Commented:
If Emailing is not possible then a program that would simply download the webpage to a folder on a PC each day on a schedule and label them according to the date they were downloaded on.
If it works on Linux (which is what I was going to recommend anyway) then why not install cygwin on Windows and use the same script on Windows?

Just find out what the script needs (most likely wget or curl) and make sure that they're part of your cygwin installation. If you're in any doubt, post the existing script. You can then use Cygwin's "cron" or "at" daemons, or the Windows task scheduler, to run the script every day.
manav08Author Commented:
Hi theraff,

What is this CGIWIN. Is it like running a Linux VM inside Windows.
I wanna steer clear of Linux really, unless there is no other choice
manav08Author Commented:
To everyone who responded we are still waiting on customer to let us know what we must do. Thanks for your patience.
I did find a very good website with exchange rates that I have given to them -
manav08Author Commented:
Thanks Guys, but we never heard back from the user. Awarding points on the basis of the quality of answer and most likely solution
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