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Storage Controllers - IBM vs Dell

garion1 asked
We are planning to put in a new storage solution at work.
What is your preference and why:

1. IBM V70000 series
2. DELL EqualLogic PS6000 series

We are looking at a 10Gb storage LAN with max 24Tb SAS 10k to 15k.
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At this level, they're pretty much similar. The V7000 gives you file serving out of the array which is handy. The EqualLogic array is iSCSI only, but it's damn cheap.

You might also want to consider NetApp FAS22xx and EMC VNXe3150.
Some question for you ,

1) is this on a New SAN setup
2) planning for replications ?
3)24TB on 15k rpm drive, max 600GB Capacity per disk so you will have more than 40 disk.
is this usable or raw capacity required ?
4)do you need only Block storage or you need a File combination (unified storage solutions)
5) how many host is connecting ?



Thanks meyersd. kinggekko, answers below:

1. Yes
2. Maybe in the future, not now.
3. Usable
4. Unified
5. 6 Hosts with Hyper-V (possibly 2 clusters) running 40 guests in total
with the EQL PS6110 ,  although it is iSCSI , however it is possible to combine with FS7500 to complete as a unified solutions.

Since it is new setup . most the software/san features are all inclusive that including replications.

the good thing about equallogic it is a scale out storage, meaning every Equallogic box have a 2 controller and when you add storage(disk), it add bandwidth as well.

for example , if you have 1 unit of PS6110, 24 disk .  it have 2 controllers
when you expand another PS6110, 24disk , it also have 2 controller and each connecting to the SAN switch to provide load balancing and data will be split across automatically.

it also allow you do mix multiple generations of controller together. so you can even add a new model in the group even after 4-5 years .

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