Strange Title in Google, Title is not coming from my Title Tag in Google, why?

I thought this was very odd:

If you search google for: carbon fiber hoods

You will see my website in the results, but the title in the Google search results is "Carbon Fiber Hood".  I'm not sure where Google is coming up with this title?  My title tags are totally different.  Even in the cached page you can see that the title tags are different.

You can see in the cache the title is completely different.
<title>Carbon Fiber Hoods by Carbon Creations 20% OFF, SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hoods</title>

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My question is:  Where does google generate the title of the listing if not from the Title tags? Also, how can I fix this on my site for the root page:

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Here is some additional information on how Google grabs title tags (according to the author's research).

Bottom line - Google is doing more & more to differentiate titles and make sure they are unique, and that they reflect the content on the page, not just what the website author says that it should be.

Google feels that they know best and are continually tweaking their algorithm and specifically targeting titles.

From a searchengineland article --

Google is basically taking the liberty to rewrite titles, drop “boilerplate text” and make the wording of individual search results more user-friendly

If you want to rank for a specific search term, make sure that your entire page of content is reflective of that subject and Google will likely rank you for that content even without the exact match words.  Exact match still matters, but much less so than in the past.
Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
Google sometimes decides it knows better and will create it's own titles.

It may source the title from the search term, page content or even content from pages linking to you.

This often happens if your own title does not match the search term or the content of the page.

If you add "creations" to your search term
From Webmaster FAQ at Google:

"The first line of any search result is the title of the web page. This text is generally taken from the contents of the <title> tag for that page (which is also the text that appears in the title bar of your browser). Occasionally (generally when the title tag is not meaningful or the page is not crawlable) Google will pull the title from the anchor text of a link to that page, or from the Open Directory Project."

Notice the "generally taken"! Use the Webmaster tools to find out more about your site. In your case, I guess that Google sees your "20% off" as advertising that isn't allowed(?) for a page title and uses (in my opinion) the more correct "Carbon Fiber Hoods".
Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
Sorry, it posted before I finished. Damn tablet....

I added "creations" to the search term and it used your full title so it looks like it wants a slight better match before using it.

Your title is also repeating your target term which may look spammy to Google.

I'd drop the last part and see if Google feels more comfortable to use it then.
RonPaulAuthor Commented:
Great answers everyone!  Interesting stuff, I have changed my title and hopefully once it is re-indexed it will work.  I removed the spammyness of the 20% off and repetitive "Carbon fiber hoods".

Actually it even changed today, back to the old title if you search for: carbon fiber hoods

<title>Carbon Fiber Hoods by Carbon Creations, SEIBON and VIS</title>

I'm also ranking as #2 now :)
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