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Aggregate-addess and suppress-map

Any Expert Out there to explain to me what these commands do :

Router1<Config># access-list 30 Permit 0 255.255.255
Router1<Config>#route-map block
Router1<Config-route-map># match ip address 30
Router1<Config># router bgp 7500
Router1<Config-router># aggregate-address suppress-map block

Thank you
1 Solution
Dimitris IoakimoglouCommented:
1) it's a simple access list argument, it allows the (there's something missing on the mask here) network to pass packets through the interface on which it's applied.
2) a route map  lets you define which routes from OSPF or EIGRP or RIP you're going to let be redistributed to the target routing process.
"block" must be the map's name.
3) match ip address inside the route map configuration simply references the access list "30", i.e. the scope of the route map will be the one included in access-list 30
4) router bgp simply enables the bgp process, 7500 is your autonomous system number
5) at this step you're combining different routes in order to advertise a single one (thus minimizing your routing table size). you are advertising and suppressing (which I suppose you have in your access-list), which would be redundant.
jskfanAuthor Commented:

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