Turquoise C100 M0 Y16 K9 for powerpoint

for powerpoint, is there anyway to get this color code Turquoise C100 M0 Y16 K9?
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CMYK colours and RGB will never be an exact match as RGB is additive and CMYK subtractive and of course monitors vary.

There's an online converter here which should help
Yes click Colors > Create  New Theme Colors.  Click Custom in RGB type the following values:

R: 0
G: 231
B: 194


Get the Hex code from that site and then convert into the RGB values.  Or if you have Photoshop you can just get the RGB values from there.
grnowAuthor Commented:
thanks for the links. in word, i can do fill effects gradients selecting 2 colors, but under powerpoint, it seems this option is not available, is there any easier way?

for eg. i adjust this color to R: 0, G: 231, B: 194, how do i save this custom color so i can select it next time ?
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If you make a custom theme color set - you can select this as the theme and the colors in your custom theme will be available to use for gradient fill.
grnowAuthor Commented:
for eg. if i want to highlight a few wordings with this color, can i select this color "R: 0, G: 231, B: 194" from the normal theme and standard colors option?
No you need to create a custom theme with the colors you want and set the your colors against the various options e.g. text, background 1.  

Then you select that theme as the theme for the presentation and the colors will be available to select as text, background, etc without you having to do the RGB thing every time.
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