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Need to setup a ML350 G5 for Windows Server 2008 with two 500GB drives set as mirrored for the operating system and the remaining 500GB HDD's to be used for data storage.  What would be the best way to set this up via smartstart?
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Boot CD select maintenance, select ACU and setup 2 arrays with one logical disk on each. Save that and exit ACU and exit maintenance and select to deploy server, select your OS and let SmartStart install it for you.
2 schools of thought when setting up the array.

you can mirror and setup as 2 logical drives OR setup as raid 5 and and use 100-200 GB for OS and the remainder is storage.  you gain more space and redundancy in the raid 5 scenario.  But definite seperation of OS and storage with mirroring.

If you go with Raid 5 I usually setup a small partition for nothing but a pagefile.

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