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IE proxy settings lockdown

pma111 asked
Can you lock down the proxy settings (i.e. those found in connections > LAN settings) in Internet Explorer on Windows clients (XP/7) to prevent users taking their corporate laptops away and attaching them to public/home wireless networks for web browsing, if so how?

And will locking down the proxy settings in IE protect the device, or are there other ways the user could hook it to public/personal wireless, i.e. non corporate networks.
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And second part, if there is a genuine business requirement for users to require a non corporate internet connection to access their corporate apps/data, i.e. they need to access a citrix access gateway offsite via their corporate asset from a home wireless, hotel wireless etc, how can you allow access to the CAG website ONLY from any network, but prevent them browsing inappropriate sites and potentially picking up malware/virus etc.
Just a suggestion, use group policy to force them to access the Internet via VPN only, that way any browsing they do will be through the corporate firewall.  Depending on your corporate firewall they may still be able to do personal browsing but it will be safe and they will likely avoid it because their usage is then being logged.  I cannot find a walk-through for how to do it so see if you can figure it out from here, if you have any more specific questions then let me know.



How can you force, say if user takes laptop offsite, can amend lan settings in IE, take off the proxy check boxes, search for wireless networks, attach to their own, how can you stop this?
If the laptop is joined to a domain and the users do not have a local account or local admin rights then the group policy remains in place and they cannot change it.

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