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regarding sending mails through sharepoint

Respected sir,
                is there a possibility to send a mail directly from sharepoint,
for ex: i have a pdf document, in the library, if i want can i send a mail from library to another person in local intranet

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not sure what you are asking. You can click the edit drop-down for a selected document in a document library and then go through the Send To dialog, which presents you with several options.

Sending a document by email kind of defeats the purpose of SharePoint, though. In most cases it makes more sense to send a link to the document, so only one version of the document exists.

Or do you want to automatically email documents (or links thereto)? This can be done with workflows. Workflows can be defined with SharePoint Designer or with Visual Studio.

cheers, teylyn
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as teylyn mentioned you can utilize the out-of-the-box feature to send a link to the document through the dropdown menu -> Send to.

As far as I know there is no "easy" way to create an email with the document as attachment because that would have to involve client side object model programming for the email client software which at the end requires to have the same email client with the same / compatible version on all clients.

Alerts, You can subscibe alerts to users who wants to receive email when a new item is entered or anything changed..

Please refer:

Manage alerts

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