how to find unique requests in apache logs


i need to find unique requests per day and total page views per day for websites running on apache 2.2 (redhat linux)

I googled and found few solutions but problems are:
1) this web-server belongs to a firm and is accessible from internet and intranet.From intranet all requests goes through
proxy if 2 different internal users are accessing this site,they would come from same cant find unique requests
based on unique IPs by running awk '{print 1}' on apache log
2)For 1 hit ,i see more than 1 line in apache log.
That is ,if i hit , i see 17 lines in apache logs.That is counting rows of lines from unique IP(this imples
for external users) wont give the correct number.

I have attached few lines from aacess logs which were generated when i hit

Could you please advise how i can get the requirement done.

Thank you
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Without using a cookie based solution  e.g. Google Analytics you'll not be able to work around the proxy issues.

If your limited to the access logs I'd suggest you have a play with AWStats as it will happily exclude image, css and js file GET's for a start, which should improve your numbers slightly.
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