Mitel 3300 IP and Sonicwall NSA 3500


I have Mitel here upgrading my current PBX with a Mitel 3300 IP MXE Server.  I want to connect the Mitel to my LAN (192.168.100...) so it only has access to the WAN.  I also want the Mitel box to send Vmails to Email.  Can I simply setup an interface on the sonicwall (X2) to allow traffic from the Mitel box ( out to the Wan?  If so, where do I begin?  Thank you.
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LJSMITH45Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was able to resolve the problem.  Turns out its is as simple as enabling an interface (X2) on my sonicwall, allowing the Mitel box to push DHCP to the IP Phones allowing me to keep the two networks independent of each other.
LJSMITH45Author Commented:
Let me add that I am running new Cat6 cable to each phone so that there will be only voice- The Lan will be completely separate.  It will be Mitel IP Box to patch panel to phone.
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