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pramod1 asked
I have a user who has reconditioned desktop, but his motherboard model is AWRDACPI.

He has 512mb installed , i checked in system info. he can upgrade to 2GB.

i didn't took his memory out so i don't know what kind of memory i should buy for his pc

I need 1 GB memory but don't know it is DDR, DDR2

is there any way i can check online or need to go back to his pc and take the memory out.
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I don't think that is the name of the mainboard. How did you get to that info? It looks more like that it uses an Award BIOS with ACPI functions, and that would probably fit to thousands of boards and manufacturers. Maybe you used a tool to extract the info that isn't really capable of this?

The best way to find the correct board name is to look at it with your eyes for manufacturer markings, part numbers etc. Usually these details are printed in white letters on the board and easily visible.
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rindi's correct AWRDACPI is the BIOS label and you'll get that as the identifier on a big range of motherboards that have an Award BIOS.  It won't help much in determining the components or RAM type.

Make and model would help or get them to run something like CPU-Z , SIW or Belarc Advisor on the PC which will give you the info you need
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As MASQ said, CPU-Z will tell you what motherboard he has, and it will also tell you what kind of memory is installed.  There is a tab for the memory and the motherboard.

Use systeminfo in command prompt under DOS