LAN Printer Problems

I have recently relocated an HP 9500hdn printer and added an HP 9500mfp. I cannot get either of them to connect to the network.
The network details
MAC Addr 00:1D:7D:)!:06:C3
Subnet Mask:
I have attached a scan of the config page of the 9500mfp which shows amongst other things LOSS of CARRIER, I/O Card Not Ready I have a good connection through the LAN to my Internet connection and also good coms on my VoIP Phones.

ThThis a scan of what I think is the appropriate page of the Printer Config page for the 9500mfp, the same page for the 9500hdn is similar.
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pgm554Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Turn autoneg on
xDUCKxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is your DNS server

Have you tried reseating the Network card in the printer?  Looks like a hardware error (other then the DNS server settings).
Did you give both printers the same IP address?  If so that is your problem.
You could set them up for DHCP, just to make sure it's not a address conflict somewhere.
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