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Hi experts,

What all open source technologies i can learn with Solaris 10?

for ex.  Cfengine, sudo, mysql cluster and so on.
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We do (Red Hat and SuSE) from mission-critical mysql DB servers, to openfire IM, asterisk voip services, openldap, security apps, mailing, web ..etc; once a setup is working, it stays working, sometimes the initial setup takes longer , I ll be honest, there have been times when I spent days trying to get something working on them but once everything is configured right, it just works and works well.

A list of the popular Open Source packages that are out there:
You can learn all of them with Solaris.  

I am not a big fan of Solaris and would say you would be better off learning with Linux.  Linux is free and will allow you to test and play as much as you like.  

Also Linux has a large community of people who are always willing to help.  Almost anything you learn on Linux can easily be transferred to Solaris.
ashwin2012Author Commented:
No doubt Linux is an amazing platform, but i already have experience of few years now on Solaris machines so it would be difficult for me to get started with Red Hat or other linux flavours. Just a question: which linux flavour is much suited for corporate environment.

Any other open source technology that i can learn with Soalris.
Most widely used corporate linux is Red Hat and Suse.

Most of the widely used open source software will run on Solaris.
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