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Installing Oracle Beehive


I have been asked to research and setup a demo of Oracle beehive, which should include email, address books, and calendars. The kicker is that I don't know anything about Oracle Beehive. So, I am asking for a little guidance on what I need to do in order to install Oracle Beehive.

First things first. Is there a vmware image I can download to get a test environment up and ready? If so, please send me the hyper link.

If there is not an available vmware image for Oracle beehive, please send me some guidance on the direction I need to go. I am normally a Windows person with a small SQL background. So, anything outside of this will be a challenge for me.

Lastly, please give me more information than just a hyperlink to the Oracle documentation. I would prefer feedback from experienced people who know Oracle Beehive.

Thank you in advance,

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VMware Image of Oracle Beehive?  - Not that I know of, at least not yet.  Try the VMware App Center...(or whatever it's called).

This may be the wrong place for this question, but Oracle Beehive is a collaboration suite and you'll need to ensure that you understand Oracle licensing very well.  VMware may not be the cheapest avenue for Oracle products, just depends on your budget.

Start at www.oracle.com...

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