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Debian SED command, Multiple line search and replace

I have a config file that I am trying to edit with sed. Currently I am searching one line and replacing and it is working, but I would like to search and replace multiple lines and I am not sure on the correct command.

sudo sed -e "s/anonymous_enable=YES/anonymous_enable=NO/g" /etc/vsftpdbackup.conf
*This above works great, but I have another line below that I need to replace.

The config file looks like this:
local_enable=NO      **needs to be yes
write_enable=YES     **need to comment this out with #
1 Solution

sudo sed "s/anonymous_enable=YES/anonymous_enable=NO/g;s/local_enable=NO/local_enable=YES/;s/^write_enable=/#&/" /etc/vsftpdbackup.conf

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If you want to modify the file as well, use sudo sed -i ...
LeviDailyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that works!!

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