TAR Linux

I need to make a TAR of the contents of directory called "data1", but I don't have space on my main HD, therefore I want to create the file directly onto an NFS mount.

What is the correct command to TAR, preserve permissions of all files/subdirectories and also save file directly to another directory/filesystem?

And later how do I untar this backup to another location?
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tar pcvf /path/to/another/filesystem/file.tar directory 

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To Untar

tar xvf file.tar -C /path/to/another/filesystem

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try this

cd /path/to/mydir

tar cvf /path/to/mytar/dir/mybackup.tar

to restore

cd /to/myother/dir

tar xvf /path/to/mytar/dir/mybackup.tar
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