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rkeith2412 asked
We have SCCM setup on most of our DHCP scopes to PXE boot workstations. I have setup a new scope for my server subnet (that has never had a DHCP scope) and set DHCP option 66 to my PVS server and option 67 to ARDBP32.BIN. When I boot by server it is getting an Ip address from the new scope but I see it trying to download pxeboot.com from our SCCM server. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I wasn't involved with he SCCM deployment so I have no idea how it is configured.
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your server-subnet are physicaly isolated from the subnet with sccm?
Or are the sccm able to see the DHCP-Requests generated by the booting device(server)?
if so, the sccm see the dhcp-request and redirect it to the dhcp-server as unicast (dhcp-relay), takes the answer and add his own boot-file (replace the options configured within the scope) and send this answer to the boot-p client.
- Try to deactivate sccm while configure the dhcp-options for PVS and/or configure sccm to answer only known clients.
- Or take the PVS-traffic into a separate vlan or switch (recommended design).
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