Advise needed to re-catalog tapes from Backup Exec into Nextbackup 7.5

Hi all

I've been give 200 old tapes from years ago, and asked to catalog them all in Netbackup 7.5 for Windows Server 2008.

I think originally they were used with an old Backup Exec server at the school I work for.  We use Netbackup now, so ideally they need to be imported into Netbackup 7.5.

I've been told the tapes contain data from all over the place including a variety of sources, all muddled up.

Is there an easy way I can re-catalog them in Netbackup 7.5 so that I can then restore the data to a drive for us to read and organise?

I imagine the challenges are that they are from an early version of Backup Exec (not sure which) coupled with the fact they contain data from a variety of drives on a variety of servers...

Any help would be appreciated as I'm pretty new to storage and backups.


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Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
First, depending on the age of the tapes, some of the data may not be readable. That is the downside to tapes. There is a technote on how to do it. It is a pain, I had to do it when we went to 6.0. It is all command line. Here is how to do it on 7.x
Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
You definately need to do it before you upgrade to the next release, because they are going to discontine the ability to do it.
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