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what all icon become notepad icon


I don't know how I did. After I open several oracle file in Windows OS by notepad, most icons on my laptop become notepad icons. I don't know how to fix it. Any one has idea. Even I go into the .exe and create a shortcut, it's still a notepad icon. When I double click the icon, it open as nodepad file, not the program
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sounds like an issue with your default programs and file extensions.  what microsoft os are you running?


Windows 7 enterprize


now I have to type the program in "Search Program and Files" like typing firefox, mstsc.exe... in there in order to open the program. If I drive the shortcut to the desktop then click on the icon, it will auto open the notepad program, not the porgram I want
start menu> default programs.  

Or at this point perhaps a system restore.


I go to start menu> default programs.  

How to do system restore?

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