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I am trying to create 1 login script for all our office. All seems to be workign at the moment just not sure how to add the printers as i am not sure i can do it via groups.

anyway I have just moved all printers from an old 2003 server to a new 2008 server. Obviously the name has changed. Is there anyway to work around going to each workstation and manually re-adding the printer under the correct server name.

Any ideas?
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Deploying printers via Group Policy:


You can use Audience Targeting to ensure that appropriate groups get the correct printers.
John KratzerCommented:
If you just want the server name change, you can just add a DNS pointer from the old server name to the new.
j8547Author Commented:
I was looking for something like an if statement. If the mapping has this server name change it to this one. Can this be done for printers in the login script
John KratzerCommented:
If the old server is off line, then you can just do the DNS thing and you do not have to change anything for your users.

I have used this successfully on several occasions.

If you want to change the actual printer mapping, you will have to do a call to WMI to read the printer current and then do a remove and remap at that time.
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