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Need help removing IE accelerators for all users on a citrix server

Running windows 2003 R2 with IE 8. These are citrix servers and there are accelerators enabled for all users they are; Blog with windows live, email with windows live, map with live search and translate with live search. How can I remove these accelerators for all users? I removed them logged in as admin but it only removed it for the admin profile.
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You can disable the IE accelerators using group policy, You need to create a policy and place the citrix servers in the specific OU http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc985351.aspx

I just had to do something similar this week.  GPOs are definitely the way to get the job done.

It sounds like you not only want to rid IE of these, but also configure the GPO so that new accelerators are not installed.
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If you have a existing GPO to the Citrix server OU then create or edit the existing policy and configure this setting:

comp config>administrative templates>windows comp>IT>Accelerat

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