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Document Management system / software

I am researching a system that will search files for common words and bring them up in a search linking them all together.  This can be a in-house or a Cloud based service.

Example:  I want to find all products we sell with Ingredient X in it. It searches the document database and give a result with all files with the product with Ingredient X.
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Search Server Express 2010:


You can integrate it into SharePoint Foundation 2010 (Free) or use it standalone.

You may need to install the Adobe iFilter for searching PDF's.

The open source ones I have played with in the past are Alfresco and OpenKM. KnowledgeTree appears to also be a big one.

They are inherently complex, especially since most of these document management systems usually are centered around workflows - the steps that tie documents in various stages of a business process together. Alfresco is incredibly powerful and customizable, but it was too complex for me and the learning curve was quite steep.

But, lots of people swear by them and my searching for decent document management systems that don't cost a fortune always lead me back to those three.
Joe WinogradDeveloper
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I have been using dtSearch for many years:

It is an excellent product with great technical support, and it can do exactly what you want, although it is fairly expensive. If you want to spend less money, X1 is a well-regarded product:

But if it's within your budget for the project, go with dtSearch. Regards, Joe

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