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Server Name resolution on domains connected by a 2-way trust.

hamblid asked
We just completed installing an MPLS connection between our two manufacturing sites networks.

We also initiated a 2-way trust between the two networks. On each respective DNS server(s) at the sites, we placed a forworder so it can resolve names/ip's.  All that is working well.

In our initial experience, what we have found is to access a server at the other site, you have to use the FQDN.  For example, if I am on X.com, and I want to access the server called SRV1, I can just use \\SRV1.  If server SRV2 is at Z.Com I have to use \\SVR2.Z.Com.  If I just use \\SRV2 it doesn't find it on my X.com so I get a server not found.

Is there some way in DNS to have it look outside the home domain you are on if it does not find a server name, or some way to not have to always use the FQDN?

If thats the way it works, we can live with that, but if we can make simpler for users that would be even better.

If this is a dumb question, pardon us as we are new to the trusted domain and MPLS.
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Top Expert 2012
You'll need to add the DNS Suffix to your DNS Suffixes list in TCP/IP Properties.  If you're using DHCP you can easily update the scope options and push this out for the next time your clients contact the server for a renewal.


Thank you!  Just tested and works great!   Much appreciated!

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