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SBS2003 Wirless access to exchange and having to change settings internal and external

scottwoltjer asked
I have an SBS2003.
We have wireless at our office and when you want to connect an Ipad or droid to the wireless network and have your exchange sync you have to set it up like this:

But when you leave the office and want to sync with exchange you have to change your settings on the devices to this:

This is not working for us. How can I set it up to just be the external way. Note: I am putting in a guest wireless network and thing this might help but still dont know how to this up to work the way I want as well.
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Distinguished Expert 2018
If you've configured everything else properly, Exchange doesn't really care (or external wouldn't work either.) All that matters is whether the traffic is reaching the server. Some routers don't support loopback traffic (traffic leaving the same interface it came in on, but being treated with the NAT translation.)  In such case, you need to bypass the router altogether. This is done by creating what is often called a "split DNS" setup. Basically take the external name you want, create a new zone in your internal DNS, and set the root record to the internal IP address of your server. Then when these devices lookup (sbs2003.domain.com) they will get the internal IP address instead of the external address and will connect as expected.


you need to configure a loopback nat on your router. you are being firewalled.
your nat rule should translate the destination on traffic sourced from lan destined to WAN IP  back to mail server ip.  on some routers the port forward does this automatically, on others this NAT rule needs  created....


This worked well.

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