Running a exe from a network folder that stores the report on the c:\Temp

I havent created batch files in such a long time, so this is what im trying to do.  I would like to take a pre-existing batch file that is on a network share \\misc\etc.... that executes a exe  that currently stores the report of the exe to c\temp. I wouls like to develop a way that instead of it storing the report to the c:\temp that it could store it on a network shared folder.   Any Suggestions.
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
If you want the file copied to a network location (not what you asked for in your original post), edit the batch file so after the .exe runs it does...
     xcopy source_folder destination_folder
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Have it store to a UNC or a mapped drive.
Ya, you'd have to recompile the EXE.  Using the batch file would be simple, but modifying how the EXE ouputs isn't something that would be user driven.

you can try (but not guarantee that it will work):

@echo off
\\\etc\filename.exe >> \\\output\output.log

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cgooden01Author Commented:
We this recommended approach, I dont want merely a log file. The executable that is ran, compresses the results into a zip file, that i want xcopied on a network share as well.
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