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Best Way To Deploy

Hello Experts!

    I have an applicaiton that I wrote that sits out on a Win2k8 Server under my profile.  The backend database is on that box as well.  My question:  What would be the best way to deploy this application and it's backend database to say 5 to 10 people?  I'm running SQL Express as the backend.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Leon FesterSenior Solutions Architect
The database server should be centralized.
You application can either be distributed or centralized.
That depends entirely on how your application locates and connects to the database.

What kind of application is it???

If you have config files for your application then you should be able to deploy the application locally to uers and point the configuration file to your database file.
Also consider that ODBC connections to the server can also be created on the remote machines.

The easiest option thought would have been to create a web application, which would then reside on the server and remotely accessed by your users.
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To take dvt_localboy's thought a bit further, you may want to consider using Server 2008 RemoteApps.  

Check out:  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc730673(v=ws.10).aspx



Thanks guys.

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