MS Access Importing an Excel Worksheet into a backend Database


I have a split database.  What I am trying to do is import an Excel Worksheet into the database as a new table.  I have tried to import into the Backend and then use Linked Table Manager to link it but it does not appear in the Linked Table Manager window on the Front End.  I also tried (all in a developement environment) to create in the front end and try to link the back end whic of course was not successful.

Is there a way to import an excel worksheet as a table in a split database and have it appear available for linking in the Linked Table Manager Window.

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong in the import and thought there may  be some suggestions that I could pursue.

TonyMannellaBusiness/IT AnalystAsked:
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If you just want to add the excel data as a  new table then you can import it directly into the backend database.  There is no need for any intermediate stage.
Then in the front-end you set up the link.
Items do not appear in the linked table manager until after they have been linked.

You need to use the External Data option  (Access)  on the ribbon to see it in the front-end .
TonyMannellaBusiness/IT AnalystAuthor Commented:

So would I be correct in that I would take the excel spreadsheet,  export into an a "blank" access database and then import that table  into my back end database, then on the Front End use the external data option choosing access and then once in the front end it will be available in the Linked Table Manager?
TonyMannellaBusiness/IT AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info - Works Well
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