DHCP Snooping on Catalyst 3548XL Switches

I have manage the Ethernet network for an apartment building that consists of a 50Mb circuit, 7204VXR router, and five Catalyst 3548XL switches.  This building is full of users that love to connect wireless routers "backwards" into the LAN and backfeed DHCP into the network and screw everything up.  Is it possible to configure the 3548 switches to suppress this behavior?  If not, what is the cheapest switch model (on the refurb market) to gain this functionality.  Thanks!
David BlairAsked:
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TimotiStConnect With a Mentor Datacenter TechnicianCommented:
The 3500XL series is purely layer2, so you can't filter DHCP with that.
The 2950 can do DHCP snooping, and it became out-of-support recently, so you can find good deals on ebay.

Dimitris IoakimoglouNetwork AdministratorCommented:
run the "ip dhcp snooping" command on your switch and see if it accepts it.

if it does you should also use "ip dhcp snooping vlan <number>" and "ip dhcp snooping trust"
on trusted interfaces - except if you want to ban DHCP altogether.
David BlairAuthor Commented:
That's the info I needed.  Thanks!
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