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Server 2008 Task Scheduler items do not display while running.

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Last Modified: 2012-11-28
Hello Experts,

I created a DOS batch routine that copies some files daily to an external USB hard drive on one of my Servers that is running Server 2008.

I have set up a Task in Task Scheduler to run at 4AM but I want to see the Dos batch running on the screen while it is active.

When Task Scheduler runs the batch routine it does not show the scrolling text that runs in the cmd window. I'd like to see it running just like if I manually started the dos batch routine.

How can I do this?


Watch Question

What's the point of running the script through task scheduler is you intend to watch it running? Can't you simply run the script then?

Anyways...Windows 2008 no longer allows that. Refer to  http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/winservergen/thread/159afd5d-318a-4c85-9c98-209d048afb08/


The Script runs for hours. And while it's going and displaying on the screen I can see that it's working and other people will not attempt to remove the external USB drive.

Thats the point.

The funny thing is that today I created another batch routine that safely removes the usb drive at 4:00pm every friday and that batch routine pops up and is displayed while running.

Why does one display and the other does not?
erobbySenior Systems Engineer

Are you sure your script is running and not erroring out ?
The Script runs fine. Backups work perfectly. the script copies files from a NAS to and External USB drive. it does a complete mirror and every time I check it it is working perfectly but the black dos prompt script never shows up while it's running.

After the script finishes I made a command that writes a new log file on the desktop of my client so that he knows it's done. Then another script runs that performs a safely remove command and detaches the USB drive and so the client changes the drive.

I'd still like to see the script running but oh well.


nobody has a solution and so either delete the whole question or accept mine.


I came up with a solution.

I just installed a SBS 2011 Server and it does the same thing. In task scheduler if I start a dos batch routine it does not display the batch while running.

So here's how I fixed it.

I created a tiny one line batch routine named CALL_BATCH.bat and in this batch routine is one line that says:


Now my MY_BATCH_ROUTINE.BAT displays perfectly!


So in Taskscheduler what I am scheduling to run is CALL_BATCH.bat

Then CALL_BATCH.bat  starts up my backup batch routine.

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