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Hi Everyone,
I got to somehow enter a Vendor Name and Store Number only once on a form and  move this same same Vendor Name and Store Number throughout the order form.

I will have a form come up for the user to enter a Vendor Name and Store Number.  The Order Cases button is selected.  An Order form loads.  The user starts entering data for the order.  I need for all orders with this same Vendor Name and store number to appear in
another subform of the form.  

How can this be done in Access 2007?  Please see my database.  I have set up database where the person signed in will only see their orders they put in and not someone elses.

I will have six users entering data into the  system.

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als315Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't see where Vendor is in any orders table. Where it is used? Add vendor and store to recordsource query of your form and it should work, but use unbound fields on your first form (Initual Order Form)
1. If you have many users and all are entering data, start from splittind DB (all data tables in backend DB and all other objects - in Front end DB). Each user had to have own copy of front-end and can have own Vendor name and Store number.
2. You can use Forms![Initual Order form]![Vendor] (any field on other form could be set to =Forms![Initual Order form]![Vendor]) almost everywhere, but only in splitted DB.
jjc9809Author Commented:

We will only have six users entering data in.  The entering of data will be done by these six users only, so having a Front-end and Backend DB I feel will not be needed.  The entering of data will only be for one day at a Trade Show.  So all orders taken that day by all six users should be OK.   This database will not be used again until next year when we will have the trade show again.

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