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Prevent downloading

I have a friend that would like to upload his band's music to a website but he does not want it to be downloaded, just listened to.

Is there a site that allows you to do this or is there code to do something like this on a site?

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Network Administrator
I THINK soundcloud.com does it. However there's always very effective methods to record anything as long as it's being played by your machine's soundcard.

There is no way to stop this.
Why not use youtube?  You can use Window Movie Maker (FREE) to put the album cover as the video and the song as the audio. Save it as a wmv file and upload it to youtube.

Probably the biggest audience you can ask for too.
Dimitris IoakimoglouNetwork Administrator

that's true, but everyone knows how to save anything from youtube to your disk :/

audience-wise, it's the best choice by far.
Top Expert 2011

I have not seen anything that allows me to download media streamed via Silverlight yet. (e.g., if there were, surely someone would have made a FireFox addon that allows me to download content from Netflix).

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