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converting java program into exe file

davetough asked
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Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I read that a program named Launch_4j can turn a java program into an executable file on a windows desktop-
Have you heard of this program? and are there many other programs like this?
Thank you
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IT Business Systems Analyst / Software Developer
Top Expert 2015
Yes I have heard of it, http://launch4j.sourceforge.net/, and used it on occasion. Didn't have to use much of the features but it did what I needed at the time.

There are others out there, but on quick inspection, it appears that most others are no longer in active development.

(The above answers your questions as they are stated, but I am guessing that you may have been after other/more info? If you have any more specific questions, let us know)


Thank you- I am hoping to be able use java at work in some simple programs.
I use C#.net in a few programs- and I had thought - maybe mistakenly that creating exe java programs would be easier-
Since I have always heard that Java is platform independant-
Thank you- I will try using launch4j


thank you
mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software Developer
Top Expert 2015

Ok, well the point to realise is that you don't need to turn the java programs into exe to run them. If you create are .jar file of your program, these files get associated in Windows with the installed Java Runtime Environment and so you can just double-click the .jar file and your program will run. And then these .jar files stay platform-independant.

If you use Launch4J then, it has created an exe file which is no longer independant as it is constrained to Windows. However, I believe Launch4J can create launchers for other OS's too.

However, the whole point is the Launch4J adds extra steps to your build process, and so I would make sure that you really NEED to do it before spending time working it out. I suspect you might not.

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