Unknown Icon appearing on Startup of Computer

I've been gradually cleaning up a computer, and short of finishing Windows Updates, almost have it ready to give back to the client, however, when it starts up there is an error that appears.  

erro Messagebox (Taskbar is above) - its a small square box and it has the warning symbol and is entitled 'Error'.  Nothing else in the box except for an OK button.  There is a strange 'Acer-like' icon in the taskbar (seen above error), but I haven't been able to identify the icon or eliminate the error.

I've looked for the icon in Programs and Features and its not there.

The computer is an Acer Aspire desktop running Vista Home Basic, that I've just installed SP1 & 2 on.  It came to us with other issues, but we have removed copious amounts of malicious software off it also.

I've gone into Msconfig > Startup.  There are 4 items there and they are all unitcked.
Msconfig > Services:  If I Hide All Microsoft services, the following are ticked:
Avast Antivirus (installed well after spotting the error the first time)
Google Software Updater
Google Update Service (gpupdate)
Google Update Service (gpupdatem)
LightscribeService Direct Disc Labelling Service
SAS Core Service (This is SuperAntiSpyware and was installed well after spotting the error the first time)
I don't think any of these are causing the issue

The Startup folder on the Start Menu is empty

Error doesn't come up in Safe Mode.  What else should I be looking for?  Anyone recognise the icon?
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It definitely seems like you have some sort of infection. There are a few process explorering apps you can try out. One being HijackThis and the other being Sysinternals Suite. Now the 3 useful apps in the suite are going to be Process Explorer, Autoruns, and Process Monitor; all of which can be loaded while windows is running.
Shuold you want to try using a quiality scanner first use a freeware called Malwarebytes .
bosshognzAuthor Commented:

Running 'Autoruns' and I found the icon belongs to a program called 'PC Unleashed Online'.  Uninstalled it, and deleted all items in Autoruns relating to it and now it starts with no errors.... thanks very much!

Had tried the likes of Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpywarem, HiJackThis & CCleaner etc already with no luck for this error.  However they have picked up a total of about 2000 infections combined, so wasn't a waste of time.

Owner wants to keep as many of their Casino games as possible (unfortunately), so I've got the computer now to a state where there are no infections and an antivirus on.  That error was the last thing to fix.  So one last virus scan before I send it back!
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