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I've been asked by a client to install HTML signatures on their iPads, and as I have no access to devices here to test, I'm having to do initial research as the support for this in iOS.

I've done some hunting, and really after someone to confirm for me what I believe to be the case.

l'll my research seems to show that there is no support for HTML signatures in iOS at all. I see mention of solutions via Jailbreaking, but that's not an option here.

Secondly, there seem to be a number of apps that add this functionality, but it looks to me that they all do it via an API, and that day to day use requires new emails to be composed via the 3rd party app to gain the HTML signature, and replies to also be done via that app one way or another.

Just after someone to confirm these two points for me so I can once and for all put the on device HTML signature option to bed.

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DIIREConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you're correct.  

Apple doesn't allow editing of their mail software code so your only option would be to use another app for email, which your client most likely wont want to do or jailbreak the phone as you said above which is not an option.

Hopefully Apple will fix this some time in the future.  All our clients are now dumping their iPad's and switching to tablets with Win7 specifically for this reason and that they're really not very business orientated..
neek25Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply... thought that was the case.

We are all Android tablets here.

We actually only recommend plain text emails anyway, it's the path of least resistance in most cases.

For this case though, they use Exchange, so I'm just going to recommend centralised management/enforcement of signatures via the Exchange server, making the whole solution device independent. I should have recommend that in the first place in hindsight.

Thanks again.
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