MailEnable Activation blocked by firewall

In MailEnable Enterprise 6.56 I open "ActiveSync Management" and I see this:
Pic 1Then I click on "Activate" and I see this:
Pic 2So everything is normal so far. But then I enter my login info (which I have tested at the MailEnable Online Services website on another computer) and after a couple of minutes of "Contacting MailEnable Online Services" I get the following error:
Pic 3The problem is that the firewall is blocking some IPs and ports required for this activation procedure. I know some IPs are blocked because I cannot even browse to MailEnable's Online Services login page on this computer.

The question is: which IPs and ports do I need to unblock? I need someone who actually knows the answer. No guessing please. This firewall is taken very seriously by some people and unblocking something unnecessary can get me into trouble.

Thanks in advance,

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kinecsysAuthor Commented:
I asked them before I posted here.
Most firewalls are configured to block incoming connections not outgoing, when it comes to servers that is.

If you want to use ActiveSync (after enabling it) you will need to have ports 80 and 443 open at the firewall outside to inside (mail server).

To perform the activation MailEnable will attempt to connect over SSL to MailEnable's infrastructure, it could use any port it wishes to create a connection terminating at 443 (HTTPS). If you can not access the MailEnable website from the mail server then the activation will not work either.

Have your Firewall configured to allow "any" outgoing TCP port, and only the essential incoming ports open for incoming (these would be 25,110,143, 80,443) plus ports for SSL based SMTP/IMAP if you are using SSL.

If you can not configure your firewall for "any" outgoing, contact MailEnable and ask them for an alternative activation key for your ActiveSync. Remember though you will have to enable more outgoing ports for ActiveSync anyway as it solely uses HTTP/HTTPS.
kinecsysAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer graham, but I already know all this. I just need to know what outgoing IPs and/or ports I need to open in order to run the activation wizard. That is why I took the time to post those pictures, so there wouldn't be any misunderstandings about my problem. Is there anyone out there who may know the answer?
I am a little surprised you have not asked MailEnable to help you wth this.  Anyway, good luck with finding a solution.
kinecsysAuthor Commented:
No answers. Should I keep waiting or just forget it and close this?
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