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Please help me on this:Feature Enable in SharEPoint
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FastFngrzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm going with "C" - while the question doesn't state "Service Application", it is sure implied.
Normally we don't just answer exams or student things.. But if you tells us what you know and think we will correct and give hints
dm_teamAuthor Commented:

I guess the answer should be "G" - assign local admin rights to the user1 so that he can manage farm environment. This is because if we need to enable or disable the web application features, we need to navigate to Central Admin-> Manage web applications-> select the web application-> Manage Features.

This option will be available only if he can navigate to central admin. But the question is if he is able to access central admin, then he can access anything.

So it is creating confusion...can u correct if i am wrong in my thought...

Thanks in advance
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