cannot get out of office to work

hi, I have an exchange 2007 server and i'm running outlook 2010.
the out of office was working months ago and now has stopped. for both internal and external replies.

Where can i start to look on this issue to resolve it.

many thanks
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Firstly, hope that Out-Of-Office works with OWA\Webmail ?
Secondly, all Exchange services are running ?
Thirdly, check TestEmailAutoConfiguration
Fourthly, do you get an error or you are able to set but doesnt work.

- Rancy
There are known issues with out of office when cached mode is enabled in Microsoft Outlook (google it, you will find many results). Please try to disable cached mode (if it is enabled now) to test if that is the problem.
total123Author Commented:
i have tried setting it up via OWA instead, would this not rectify the issue or at least be a way round it ?

I will look this issue up
total123Author Commented:
it was the exchange mailbox assistant was stopped, started, all worked fine, many thanks
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