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Sharepoint 3.0 Workflow "Email" function not working.

ultra-it asked
We have serveral workflows that use the "email" function for notifiying users when an item is created.

One in particular notifies the user who created it to Submit the item to their supervisor (a manual workflow fro many reasons).

However, this "when an item is created" workflow has ceased to function today and after checking other areas of the system, any workflow containing the "email" function does not work.

The rest of the workflow does however. I have checked several that use the Update List Item function and the files specified are updated and the workflow completes with no errors - its just the email that does not send.

I'm not seeing anything obvious in the logs to suggest errors and s far as I can see nothing has changed since last week when I know for sure that the notificiation were being sent.

I have even created a basic single step workflow to email myself when an item is created or when it is run manually but still no luck.....

Would there be any updates that could knock this functionality out? Thats the only thing that may have changed.

Any help on this head scratcher would be greatly appreaciated.
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Managed to find the cause of this.

McAfee VirusScan in its infinite wisdom had managed to block off access to port 25.

Now disabled and working fine.

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