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DNS tries to load a deleted stub zone. how can i get rid of it?

Hello Experts,
i have an AD with 2 DCs which used to be part of some trust relationship with some other forest. apparently there has been a stub zone in DNS created but the masters are no more available. if i delete the zone from DNS i still get errors

The DNS server encountered error 32 attempting to load zone mydomaine.com from Active Directory. The DNS server will attempt to load this zone again on the next timeout cycle. This can be caused by high Active Directory load and may be a transient condition.

if i recreate the zone on one DC as a primary. on the secondary DC there is a zone mydomaine.com listed with red cross and if i click properties i can see it is a stub zone and it is active directory integrated but i cannot change anything because it is somehow damaged.

the question is. how can i get rid of the domain from the AD?
it does not make any issues or problems for me just full logs of those events in DNS. everything else works fine.
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The DNS server was unable to open zone mydomaine.com in the Active Directory. This DNS server is configured to obtain and use information from the directory for this zone and is unable to load the zone without it. Check that the Active Directory is functioning properly and reload the zone. The event data is the error code.
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Please check if this would help ... if not share eventid with details

Delete a zone

- Rancy
i had to use ADSIedit and delete all the CNF marked items from the partition

i had to look into

DC=ForestDNSZones,dc=mydomain,dc=com CN=MicrosoftDNS
DC=domainDNSZones,dc=mydomain,dc=com CN=MicrosoftDNS
dc=mydomain,dc=com CN=SYSTEM,CN=MicrosoftDNS

when deleted and restarted the DNS, the unwanted domain appeared in the DNS and after deletion through DNS mmc and restart of DNS server the problem is solved.

anyway thanks for your effort. sorry but i have to mark this as a solution
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I thought I had this happen once.  Caused by deleting the Zone without first removing the Zone Transfer setting.   I think I recreated the Zone on the receiving end of the transfer then removed the Transfer setting,..then deleted the zone.  but it has been a lot of years since then and I don't honestly remember all the details.


i solved it by myself. none of the suggested answers lead me to the solution