How to add Date field to content type in Drupal?

I created a new content type with custom fields

I need a new field for type Date.

(I want the User to select a date from a calender popup or something akin to that).

What's the approach?
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Aaron FeledyConnect With a Mentor Drupal Developer and ConsultantCommented:
Install the Date module. Then you'll be able to add the date field with calendar widget to your content type.
scifikillrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. As mentioned by Arrow_1, download the Date module:

* The Drupal 6 version requires the use of CCK (

2. After installing all dependencies, navigate to the edit perspective of the content type you want to add the field to:
Drupal 6: Site Building > Content Types > [type]
Drupal 7: Structure > Content Types > [type]

3. Click "Manage Fields" (secondary tab on page).
4. In the "New Field", select "Date" from the dropdown, provide a name, configure the field, and save.

The Date field should now be present in the content type.

The Date module also allows for use of a datepicker via the Date settings page (which can be found in the administration area (under Site Configuration in Drupal 6, or Configuration in Drupal 7)
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