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ip address schema design and VLAN


your help please to design the IP address schema and VLAN for example only:

attachement available.

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Where is the default gateway/router?

This diagram is also confusing.  What are the 3 different coloured lines going in to Devices A B and C?  Are they all network links, or are some VLAN?  You should label what the lines mean and what the colours represent.

Then we can help you more
rasa78Author Commented:
Hi, thanks for your help, the default gateway is the core network (cloud) and there is no difference between the colors all of them are network but i color it just to show on devices a, b and c have 3 network cable, just i want only as example of ip address schema and vlan design.
You can't use this diagram without a L3 Switch or a "Router on a stick" for InterVlan Routing.

But If you'r just asking about the concept ..
VLAN (X) : for your computers.
VLAN (X+1) : for your Database stations.
VLAN (X+2) : for Video Devices and all the ports should be at the same subnet. (But why does it have multiple cables ... ?? if it's for redundancy all you need is just an Ethernet channel. or there are a lot of other better ways to use.)

VLAN (Y) : for Switches (just a managerial purpose).

and on the firewall ports and core network configure the ports as Trunk.

for ex.  X = 10
Y = 100
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rasa78Author Commented:
Hello nimada,
Many thanks for your help, please is it possible to to continue your professional support and update the diagram (ip address schema and vlan) yes the devices have redundancy network so like that i used redundancy switches and firewall, just i want from you to add a dummy ips and vlans
Thanks again
hello rasa78,
You'r more than welcome. and I am with you till the End. just provide my with some basic info. e.g.
- How many host per each vlan ?
- Where's the L3 device that well do the InterVlan routing ?
- Your core network ... is it all L2 ?
- and why do you use firewalls at this place of your network ?

I think the best design is the Hierarchical design
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hierarchical_internetworking_model  check it out if you don't know anything about it
rasa78Author Commented:
Hello Nimada,

-Devices a, b and c are in one VLAN and video on different vlan (note devices a, b and c have redundant network) and separet network for video and database on different vlan
- L3 is the core network (cloud)
- core network (cloud) is L3 and the rest of switches are L2
- I used firewall to protect access from different vlan and allow only the devices to push the data not receiving and data from outside .

Again many thanks for your support
My opinion is that firewall is unnecessary just Vlans and ACL on the L3 device is enough because different Vlans are separated physically ..
About Devices a,b and c. what kind of redundant protocols it support.
rasa78Author Commented:
Hi nimada,
Ok for firewall , Redandunt network working as team network
Many thanks for your support, waiting for your ip schema design and vlan design
rasa78Author Commented:
I gorget something and there is separet network card for video
I will give you two options
Theoretical example
Vlan2 : for workstations (computer A,B) ----

Vlan3 : for devices A,B & C ----

Vlan4: for videos Lan ----

Vlan5: for Databases
Vlan6: for management

Practical Example
Vlan(X) : for workstations computer A,B ----  (2 available IP's)

Vlan(X+1) : for for Database 1,2 -----   (2 available IP's)

Vlan(X+2) : for devices A,B,C ----   (6 available IP's)

Vlan(X+3) for Videos Lan ----   (6 available IP's)

Vlan(Y) for Management of the Network Devices   ----   (254 Available IP's)
rasa78Author Commented:
Thank you very much
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