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Which Web Template should I use in MS VS 2008 to connect to SQL Server 2008?

I need to create an application web site that can connect to SQL Server 2008  database. Both the site and SQL Server reside on an inhouse server; for development purposes, both them and Visual Studio 2008 all reside on my computer still running XP Pro.

I need my app on the website to allow users to upload/download documents, query/update/delete database records with a nice GUI and generate reports.

Which of the 'New Web Site' template should I use?

1) ASP.Net Web Site
2) ASP.NET Web Service
3) WCF Service
4) ASP.NET Reports Web Site
5) ASP.NET Crystal Reports Web Site

I'm an experienced desktop developer using VB and C#, now branching out to web work.

Thanks in advance
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Will the web site include a reporting capability (reports run pulling data from a database)?
If so you would use 4 for SSRS and 5 for Crystal.

Are you building a web service (you provide feeds of data to other users or facilitates communication between sites)?
If so use 2 or 3 depending on the method or sending data and communication

Most web sites that just present information and allow linking to other sites or pages within the site will use template 1 - ASP.Net Web Site



That's great thanks! I'm going with option 4

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