Automatically sending email out from a group email instead of individual email

Hi Experts,

Whilst setting up the new process for emailing out invoices I have decided that it will be much easier when covering each other’s areas if our email addresses were generic, rather than user based.  

This means if you send out an email from your email address, it should automatically look as if the email was sent from the team email address ( public folder email address ) instead of your own email address. All replies should then be sent to the team email address ( public folder email address )

Is there a way of setting this up in exchange 2003 or in Outlook (2007 )itself.

Your solution will be appreciated.

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mo_patelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you create a new email address.... than all you do is assign your self and others in your group 'Send As' rights in AD so you can send as the new email address.....
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