Win 7 Batch File no domain

We need to run a batch file at logon for a workstation that is not in a domain.
We will be using the IdleLogOff.exe from

Ideally we'd have the user logon and then run the program which logs off the user after x mintues of idle time.

I don't think task scheduler is an option but it might be.

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Oh yes, task scheduler is an option. It knows the trigger "on idle" - that's all we need. Setup a task like this:
user: system, password:blank [no, this is no security risk but by design]. Trigger: on idle.  Action: rwinsta console
That's all.

Please also read the help on what "on idle" means to windows:
The Task Scheduler service will check if the computer is in an idle state every 15 minutes. A computer is considered to be in an idle state when a screen saver is running. If a screen saver is not running, then the computer is considered to be in an idle state if there is 0% CPU usage and 0% disk input or output for 90% of the past fifteen minutes and if there is no keyboard or mouse input during this period of time. Once the Task Scheduler service detects that the computer is in an idle state, the service only waits for user input to mark the end of the idle state.
Further "idle" settings can be made on the tab "conditions".
You should be able to just place a shortcut to the application in:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
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