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Sharepoint Workflow

mhamer asked
Hi, looking for help with a Sharepoint 2007 work flow.

create a new document
Fileds needed
Document number eg, 1001, 1002
Document name
field 1

when a user clicks new item word opens and an information panel opens with all the fields ready to be filled in.

id like Document Number to be prepopulated

not sure how

I have a sharepoint list that can generate unique sequential numbers, but dont know how to call that in to this field.

or if thats a good way to do it.
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Jamie McAllisterCloud Expert
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This doesn't look like a workflow. In fact if you adde your fields to the document content type of the library you would get a Document Information Panel in Word to fill in automatically.

My question is how is the document serial number generated? If it could be ported into the document library as a column you have a fighting chance of that being pre-filled into the Document Information Panel too.
SharePoint SME
I believe rather than a workflow you need an word template with quick parts or panel that holds reference to your fields.
for repopulating the field create a look up field and look up the value in your SharePoint list that generate sequential numbers.

Here is the link that describes more about  word doc template..


also read this carefully

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You can do this with a custom Content Type using the Document Content type, and setting a document library to use this content type.

The fields you add to the custom content type (that inherits from Document, remember), will show in the Document Information Panel in Word, and you can add them as Quick Parts in the document. Save it as a template and associate the template with the Document Library.

This way you can create a new file in that library, it'll open with the template - and you can either enter info in the quick parts which will be save to the Content Type Columns when you save the file - or save the file first, update the columns from your content type in the library and open the file to see your quick parts all populated.

Basic steps:

    Create a site column for each metadata column you want.

    Create a custom Content Type which has Document as the parent. Add the site columns you just created.

    Create a Document Library. In Advanced Settings, turn on Management of Content Types. Add your custom Content Type.

    Upload a starter Word document, and set its content type to your Custom content type. Open this file and the columns should hopefully appear when you add a Quick Part. Save it as a 'template' (.dotx) and associate this with the Document Library through the Library's settings.

Here's a tutorial : http://docupoint.wordpress.com/2006/12/08/content-types-document-information-panel-and-quick-parts/


Hi, good progresss thank you

re workflows
1 generates a number (looks at seed number adds 1) then subsequent numbers are 1 greater than last.

I added some extra columns to this list (compulsory fields) and a work flow to create an item in the doc libray after the number was generated. this works enough

but it just seems very clumsy.

the issue is getting SP to do fit in with our numbering system and conventions,

so at present.

I create a new item in the list that generates numbers, I type in title and some other firleds i need, after a short while the item appears with a new document number that is one greater than last doc created.

I can then go  in to the item and choose a workflow to move (create an item in doc library based on these fileds).

(I cant get this to work automatically, just by running the workflow manually (i think because its diffrnet list/library). in th epast i have cut and paste the start button in to the item page in SPD )

so when i now look in the doc lbrary where these docs are, there is a new item, all the basic fields were done in step one.

when i open the doc the information panel appears and is populated.

the user than can get on and write the body of the doc.

trouble is although this works, its not confident its robust.

I'll go through all you have said and the links, make sure im doing it all correctly
cheers guys

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