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Accepted appointments not showing up in calendar

xzay1967 asked
Hello all, I have a user  (Call her Lisa), that has full mailbox permissions of another person's mailbox (call him John). Recently when Lisa accepts meeting requests on behalf of John, the meetings are not showing up in John's calendar. John has to physically go in and accept the meetings himself.
Lisa is on Outlook 2010, and John is on Outlook 2011 (he is on a MAC). Our environment is Exchange 2010
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Please check if the "Send meeting requests and responses only to my delegates, not to me"  on the Delegates tab (Tools menu, Options command) is granted to Lisa?

Or confirm that Lisa have Editor (can read, create, and modify items) permissions in Calendar.

As I'm not sure how the full mailbox permission is granted, it might be possible that Calendar permissions may not be granted.


The thing is, this was working flawlessly for a while. so it would be interesting to know something magically altered her permissions or settings. I will take your suggestion and double check her settings.

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